Recessed lighting can highlight specific areas in a room or accentuate decorative elements. Since the lights are hidden, the ceiling lines are not broken and your rooms feel more open and spacious.

Recessed lights are usually used by architects and interior designers in rooms where the residents aim for a relaxed and soothing lighting effect.

Recessed lighting offers a flush, streamlined look for home lighting. Recessed lighting can amplify the amount of ambient light, accentuate artwork, wallpaper, or shelving and open up spaces so they look and feel bigger.

Recessed lights are:

Cost efficient

Easy to Install



Out of the Way

Our Recessed Lighting Services Include:

New Recessed Locations

Re-lamp Fixtures

Replacing Existing Lighting With New

Retrofit Existing Fixtures

Compact Fluorescent Fixtures

Dimmers/LED Fixtures

Low Voltage Halogen Fixtures

Pendant Lights

We are fully licensed and we offer:

24 Hour Emergency Service

Free Estimates and Warranty

Job Clean-up

Satisfaction Guarantee

Quality Workmanship

Up Front Pricing

Free Home Inspection

Friendly, Courteous and Dependable Service

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How to find the best Recessed Lighting electricians in Bel Air, Maryland

  1. Check online review sites such as Yelp, Angie’s List, and Google to see what past customers have said about their experience with the electrician and their recessed lighting installation experience.

  2. Look for electricians that have experience and specialize in recessed lighting installation to ensure they have the necessary skills and knowledge to complete the job.

  3. Ask for references from the electrician, specifically those who have had recessed lighting installed, and contact them to see what they have to say about the electrician’s work.

  4. Compare prices from multiple electricians to ensure that you get a fair and competitive price for the work.

  5. Consider hiring an electrician who guarantees their recessed lighting installation work.

  6. Ask if the electrician is familiar with the building codes and regulations related to recessed lighting installation in your area.

  7. Consider the availability and responsiveness of the electrician.

  8. Look for electricians with positive reviews or ratings from trusted organizations such as the Better Business Bureau.

  9. Trust your gut! If you have any doubts or concerns about an electrician, it may be best to look for someone else.

  10. Look for electricians who can provide you with a detailed estimate, including all materials and labor costs, and who can also help you with choosing the right type, brand, and size of recessed lights to suit your room and budget.

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